Saturday, August 17, 2019

mixed media watercolor paintings

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panta rhei

aerial abstraction

evolving thoughts and moods

yarn painting mo.1

Sunday, July 7, 2019

watercolor paintings

In 2019 I started using watercolors again after a pause of about 12 years. Currently I am working on abstract watercolor paintings in formats up to 30x40 cm.
I use both high quality colors (Schmincke, White Nights, Daniel Smith) and papers (Arches, Hahnemuehle).
In spring 2019 I started making my own watercolors. I make them from commercial available pigments as well as from pigments I make myself.
Currently  I am experimenting with colors made from various kinds of Iron Ore I collected around my hometown.

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abstract landscape

abstract mindscape

abstract scenery


floating shapes


Geraeuschkulisse mit Klaengen und Melodie

Glockenlaeuten am Abend

ice age shadows

improvisation red yellow blue

Indian Summer




Sahara wind

watercolor improvisation

paintings from winter 2019

the rise of the midgard serpent

the ride of the sons of Muspel

Fenrir dvouring the Sun


Ginnunga Gap


morning on the island of the Pheakians




rising night

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