Friday, April 2, 2010

series colors of the night - Nachtlied (nocturne)

acrylic, pen, layers of epoxy resin, embossed metal, real gold flakes, glass gems, abalone shell parts, mirrors, CD parts on wood panel.
10.5 x 8 in

layers of epoxy were painted with acrylic colors and pens. Various things were embedded. In the photo you cannot see the diffraction of the light caused by the mirrors and CD parts, when you watch the painting from different angles.

Nachtlied by Georg Trakl

Des Unbewegten Odem. Ein Tiergesicht
Erstarrt vor Bläue, ihrer Heiligkeit.
Gewaltig ist das Schweigen im Stein;
Die Maske eines nächtlichen Vogels. Sanfter Dreiklang
Verklingt in einem. Elai! dein Antlitz
Beugt sich sprachlos über bläuliche Wasser.
O! ihr stillen Spiegel der Wahrheit.
An des Einsamen elfenbeinerner Schläfe
Erscheint der Abglanz gefallener Engel.

Nocturne by Georg Trakl
The life-breath of the unmoved. The face of an animal
Is paralyzed with blueness, of her holiness.
Mighty is the silence in stone;
The mask of a nocturnal bird. Gentle triad
Dies away into one. Elai! your countenance
Bends speechless over bluish waters.
O! you silent mirrors of truth.
On the ivory temple of the lonely
Appears the reflection of fallen angels.
translated by Daniel Morse

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