Thursday, September 20, 2012

acrylic and alcohol ink painting

New method of ink painting.
Using alcohol inks and acrylic inks.

You can use Rit fabric dye for making your own cheap alcohol inks. A part Rit dye filled up with 91% Isopropyl alcohol makes the ink.
Also you can make inks by dissolving fab

ric dye powder in water and adding alcohol to the solution.

Acrylic ink you can make from acrylic paint filled up with the same volume of water.

Getting marbling effects and crazy forms with these inks is possible, because acrylic inks and alcohol inks don`t mix very good. If you put a drip of alcohol ink onto wet acrylic ink, the alcohol ink makes the acrylic ink moving away, and patterns are created.

This test painting I made on watercolor paper, first using the pure Rit dye on water sprayed paper.
After drying I varnished the paper with "Liquitx gloss medium and varnish" to seal the paper.
The I dripped white acrylic ink onto it and added various kinds of alcohol inks and acrylic inks in a few steps.
The colors were additionally mixed and dragged around with a painting knife.

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